Smooth Scaling with Paytrix.

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Access the best payments infrastructure around the world, all through a single platform.

Curate your payments, globally.

Remove complexity from your business payments.

At Paytrix, we have done all of the hard work, so that you don’t have to.

We have created a curation layer that will enable you to access the best payments providers around the world, all through: One ecosystem. One contract. One API.

Meaning you can focus on scaling at speed, while we focus on the boring stuff.

It’s all smooth scaling from here.

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Products designed to help you scale smoothly.

Access a complete payments infrastructure through a single platform.

Why Paytrix?

The future of global payments.

Scale your global payments infrastructure smoothly with Paytrix.

Until now, for many businesses, managing global payments has required a huge time, resource, and financial investment.

From sourcing and managing multiple supplier relationships, to refining contracts; From negotiating fees, to navigating unfamiliar regulatory frameworks. The friction is endless.

But businesses need to get paid… and they need to pay other people. It’s been an unavoidable headache.

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Paytrix is solving this for businesses everywhere.

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Helping your business scale globally

Global payments are painful - but they don’t have to be. With our platform, you can unlock access to new markets through one contract, and one API.

Our mission is to make scaling simple. To enable you to grow quickly, and never be hindered by painful payments processes.

It’s this mission that has inspired Paytrix — the world’s first curation layer that enables you to unlock access to the best financial services infrastructure globally — all through one contract, and one API — saving you time and resource.

From a settlement ecosystem to local and real-time payment methods - we’ve got you covered.

Say goodbye to navigating multiple contracts, API connections, unfamiliar jurisdictions, and legal systems. It’s all smooth sailing from here.

The Paytrix journey is just beginning — but it’s already an exciting one. We’re supported by the same people who backed Flywire, Pipe, GoCardless, Tide, Pave, and Stitch.

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